Recognition of foreign expert qualifications

Experience shows that the law can be a accomplishment.

Lots of companies, craft shops, hospitals and nursing houses are dependent on foreign trade forces. The Federal Government has writing a professional summary as a result designed in 2012 the so-called Recognition Act as a tool for securing the Fachkraftebedarfs in Germany. And this instrument operates: Right after the thriving recognition of nine out of ten forces with auslandischem vocational qualifications are-employed

Ahead of the Recognition Act came into force, had only a couple of migrant qualified forces the opportunity to possess their qualifications assessed.. The law has changed this. It creates for all occupations regulated by federal law mogli waxed uniform and transparent system. How equivalence of foreign qualified qualification could be determined with the German degree. This really is Darfur in a number of professions prerequisite to operate in this profession or to grow to be selbstandig. That is specifically accurate for the regulated professions, so the licensed trades, for medical doctors, nurses or pharmacists. so that the law improves the chances which have obtained their skilled qualifications abroad for consumers to perform in Germany in their learned profession and so enables a far better labor market integration.

The recognition procedure can also be soon after the March 1 2020 came into force Fachkrafteeinwanderungsgesetz commonly a prerequisite for the immigration of skilled forces from third countries to Germany. This is particularly true of professionally qualified forces and those who want to function in regulated professions. This creates transparency and

federal law and Landerzustandigkeiten

guarantees the top quality both for employers and experienced. The recognition on the federal law involves firstly the expert qualification determination Act (BQFG) in Zustandigkeitsbereich the Federal Ministry of Education and investigation (BMBF), and also the other regulations on the recognition of professional qualifications in some 60 federal legal profession laws and regulations for the regulated professions, the well being specialists (Bundesarzteordnung, nursing Act) as well as the master craftsmen (Handwerksordnung) .Also possess the Lander for the professions in their competence adopted (by way of example, teachers, engineers, architects, social professions) own laws

Gro it show interest in the process

Scientific studies on the recognition Act.? the law is known as a achievement! Nine out of ten forces with auslandischem vocational qualifications are-employed immediately after the productive recognition. Hence the Beschaftigtenquote rises vigorously to about 50 %. The income grows by existing surveys with successful skilled recognition by an typical of 860 euros a month. As well as the Recognition Act tends to make a optimistic contribution to a certified immigration: Far more than 1 in ten request was made from abroad, a possibility that did not exist prior to the entry into force on the Recognition Act and also the steadily growing in value