A mistake that is common combining sentences utilizing the – ing

A mistake that is common combining sentences utilizing the – ing

Dangling Modifiers

A mistake that is common combining sentences making use of the – ing verb form would be to misplace the modifier such that it is certainly not logically attached to the remaining portion of the phrase. This produces a dangling modifier . Glance at the example that is following

Running over the parking area, my breathing expanded ragged and superficial.

In this phrase, running throughout the parking area generally seems to change my breathing. The sentence should be rewritten so that the subject is placed immediately after the modifier or added to the dangling phrase since breath cannot jog.

Running across the parking area, we felt my breath grow ragged and shallow.

Joining Modifier

Some sentences could be combined utilizing an – ed verb type— stopped, finished, played. To utilize this process, one of many sentences must contain a form of become as an assisting verb as well as the – ed form that is verb. Have a look at the example that is following

Initial sentences: The Jones family members had been delayed by way of a traffic jam. They arrived hours that are several the celebration began.

Revised sentence: Delayed by a traffic jam, the Jones family members arrived hrs after the celebration began.

Within the initial variation, had been will act as a assisting verb —it doesn’t have meaning it serves a grammatical function by placing the main verb ( delayed) in the perfect tense by itself, but.

To get in touch two sentences utilizing an – ed modifier, drop the assisting verb ( ended up being) additionally the topic ( the Jones family members) through the phrase with an – ed verb type. This types a modifying expression ( delayed by a traffic jam) that may be included with the end or beginning of this other phrase based on which fits well. Just like the – ing modifier, be mindful to put the term that the phrase modifies soon after the expression to prevent a modifier that is dangling.

Making use of ing that is – ed modifiers might help streamline your writing by drawing apparent connections between two sentences. Take a good look at just exactly how Naomi might make use of modifiers inside her paragraph.

The revised form of the essay uses the – ing modifier opting to draw a link involving the government’s choice to bail out of the banking institutions as well as the consequence of that decision—the purchase for the mortgage-backed securities.

Joining >Another method that authors utilize to mix sentences is always to join them making use of a general clause. a general clause is friends of terms which contains a topic and a verb and defines a noun. Relative clauses be adjectives by responding to concerns such as which one? or the type? Relative clauses start out with a general pronoun, such as for instance whom, which, where, why, or whenever. See the following examples:

Initial sentences: The handling manager is visiting the business a few weeks. He lives in Seattle.

Revised phrase: The handling manager, whom lives in Seattle, is visiting the business a few weeks.

The subject of one of the sentences ( he) for a relative pronoun ( who) to connect two sentences using a relative clause, substitute. Thus giving that you clause that is relative who lives in Seattle) which can be put beside the noun it defines ( the handling manager). Remember to keep carefully the phrase you wish to stress since the clause that is main. For instance, reversing the clause that is main subordinate clause into the preceding phrase emphasizes where in fact the handling director life, maybe not the fact he is visiting the business.

Revised phrase: The handling manager, that is going to the business week that is next everyday lives in Seattle.

General clauses are a helpful means of supplying extra, nonessential information in a phrase. Have a look at just exactly exactly how Naomi might integrate relative clauses into her essay.

Notice the way the underlined clauses that are relative be removed from Naomi’s essay without changing this is of this phrase.

To test the punctuation of general clauses, assess whether or otherwise not the clause could be removed from the phrase without changing its meaning. In the event that general clause is maybe not important to this is regarding the phrase, it must be put into commas. In the event that clause that is relative important to this is associated with sentence, it generally does not require commas around it.

Joining >An appositive is really an expressed term or band of words that describes or renames a noun or pronoun. Incorporating appositives into your writing is a way that is useful of sentences which are too brief and choppy. Have a look at the example that is following

Initial sentences: Harland Sanders began serving meals for hungry tourists in 1930. He could be Colonel Sanders or “the Colonel.”

Revised phrase: Harland Sanders, “the Colonel,” started food that is serving hungry people in 1930.

Into the revised sentence, “the Colonel” is an appositive since it renames Harland Sanders. To mix two sentences having an appositive, drop the niche and verb from the phrase that renames the noun and change it right into a expression. Keep in mind that within the example that is previous the appositive is put just after the noun it defines. An appositive may be put anywhere in a phrase, nonetheless it must come straight before or following the noun to which it relates:

Appositive after noun: Scott, a badly trained athlete, had not been likely to win the battle.

Appositive before noun: a badly trained athlete, Scott had not been anticipated to win the competition.

Unlike general clauses, appositives will always punctuated with a comma or a collection commas. Have a look at just how Naomi makes use of appositives to incorporate facts that are additional her essay.


All on your own sheet of paper, rewrite the after phrase pairs as one sentence making use of the strategies you have got discovered in this area.

  1. Baby sharks are known as pups. Pups could be created in just one of 3 ways.
  2. The Pacific Ocean could be the world’s largest ocean. It runs through the Arctic within the north to your Southern Ocean into the south.
  3. Michael Phelps won eight gold medals within how to write an abstract for a paper the 2008 Olympics. He could be a champ swimmer.
  4. Ashley introduced her colleague Dan to her spouse, Jim. She speculated that each of them might have a complete great deal in keeping.
  5. Cacao is harvested by hand. It’s then offered to companies that are chocolate-processing the Coffee, glucose, and Cocoa Exchange.

Please share having a classmate and compare your responses.

Writing at your workplace

As well as varying phrase structure, think about varying the types of sentences you might be utilizing in a written report or any other workplace document. Many sentences are declarative, but a very very carefully put concern, exclamation, or demand can pique peers’ interest, whether or not the written content is fairly dry. That is amazing you may be composing a budget analysis. Starting a rhetorical question to your report, such as “Where is our money going?” or “How can we increase product product sales?” encourages individuals to read on to find the answers out. While they ought to be utilized sparingly in scholastic and writing that is professional concerns or commands work well rhetorical products.